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Life Conflicts and/or Career Issues

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The above can arise because of lack of internal direction. We tend to observe others and behave according to the social rules thus forgetting about our authentic self. Also, add the social media and the promotion of independence in the western world, and you will get a confusion, anger and shame cocktail, which we mask in different ways (various addictions including working long hours or exercising excessively, or even talking!). We want acceptance because we as babies and children, were totally dependent on our caregivers. We learnt to adapt and carried this skill to the adulthood. The level acceptance from the caregivers were detrimental to our lives, hence the adaptations got ingrained in our brains.

Unfortunately, not all adaptations are functional in our adult lives. Because of the maladaptations, now we may not be able to choose the right career or a suitable life partner for us, we might overstay in toxic situations, workplaces, relationships, households, friendships, we may feel torn: “Do I prefer polygamy or do I want to stay in an exclusive relationship”, and so on. By maladaptation, I mean lack of internal direction, internal conflict, poor boundaries, being underpaid, poor work-life balance, not being aware of your personal values and so living outside of the structure, which is pertinent to you only.

In other words, it can be described as an unintegrated the shadow self, or unresolved individuation from the caregivers, or strong internal critic/ Critical Parent – depending which philosophy you follow. Good news is that this can be altered for your benefit.


In my integrated practice I have so many tools to help you with these adaptations: exploration with curious questioning so that you would perceive that you matter, and you are in safe and professional hands; psychoeducation; neurolinguistic programming including hypnosis, guided affective imagery, life coaching skills; hypnoanalysis, dream analysis and Inner Child work.

I tailor my practice to each individual and I work creatively and spontaneously. I work in a safe and confidential way and do discuss and modify your therapy as necessary. If you have an inkling that either the issues you are having, or the philosophy I follow resonates with you, or both, I suggest you get in touch with me to discuss your options. I want you to become your own authority.

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