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social media addiction therapy

When we start to do something on a daily or even a weekly basis and it starts to meet some of our basic human needs, we can become addicted to it. If the thing that we become addicted to is bad for us, then it is time to seek help.

Drug addiction, alcohol, porn, sex, there are so many things that we can focus on purely to help us in some way to get through life. More often than not, what we are looking for in the thing we are addicted to is a feeling of uncertainty, spontaneity, impulsivity or risk. Weirdly enough we are
also creating a feeling of certainty in the routine of it all, the ritual. But as we are all aware, an addiction can cost us much more than the money we waste on it, it can also cost us relationships and sometimes our lives.

To help a client kick their habit, I use strategic intervention, graded exposure, counselling and hypnosis and when all of these effective tools are brought together it can mean that finally they can feel that progress in life that they have wanted for so long.

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