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Hello and welcome to More Wellbeing!

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I’m Ilona, and I envisioned this practice after working in multiple charities, where I realised there was a gap in the holistic approach to counselling services. I found a lot of barriers to a client’s
development success to be from the prescriptive culture of traditional systems. Therefore, with my humanistic counsellor, life coach and hypnotherapist expertise, I believe I can provide a
bespoke and person-tailored service to all my clients. 

One of the reasons for my passion to encourage more well-being in others stems from the understanding and promotion of internal balance and connection within oneself. Within Western
society, independence is fostered and idolised; however, this can also be detrimental in fortifying one’s self-worth, -esteem and -image. Often, this independence hinders one’s acceptance of
natural and human emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Therefore, I am a strong advocate for establishing a connection within yourself which will then further develop your connections with others (such as familial, romantic, friendships, collegial relationships).

Through my journey establishing More Wellbeing, introspection and reflexivity was essential in its success. It’s easy to say that everyone struggles with their wellbeing, such as stress/anxiety, denial/masking, lack of purpose/direction in life, over-underwhelming emotions. These are many of the human experiences and when left unacknowledged can inhibit your vitality and zest for life. In our sessions, we will cultivate a deep and enlightening therapeutic relationship which will enhance and facilitate your personal growth. Together, we will progress towards establishing your best and authentic self, while promoting comfort, balance, and acceptance within.

My approach

I am trained in Humanistic Counselling (which entails, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Philosophy and Person-Centred Counselling), life coaching and hypnotherapy. I employ a blended approach in my sessions, which may include multiple interdisciplinary techniques. Within our sessions, I incorporate Attachment Theory as we relate in the session, moment-by- moment and use blended techniques, such as the Sedona method to encourage emotional-somatic awareness, the DeMartini method to assist in conquering your cognitive blocks. Our first four sessions are exploratory and focussed on establishing our connection and understanding your needs.


Depending on your situation, I will choose the appropriate hypnotherapeutic techniques. These could include hypnoanalysis, regression hypnosis, psycho-imaginative therapy, and dream interpretation. Hypnotherapy can also assist with pain control, hypno-healing, and phobia management.


Furthermore, within my counselling and life-coaching approaches, I utilise Guided Affective Imagery to liaise with your unconscious obstacles, and inner child therapy to empower the child within all of us. This therapeutic technique is restorative to emotional pain sustained during childhood, such as chronic shame or fear of abandonment.


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