Our Expertise

Women counselling

I help women like you and me to crystalize personal values and achieve goals. We work on discovering your true identity

Transcultural counselling

If you like me have been wandering around the world looking for a place to root yourself in, I might help you to understand how to do it in your way. I speak English, Lithuanian, Italian and Russian, so we can communicate in your Mother Tongue which means less barriers

Counselling on identity issues and low self-esteem

If you are experiencing challenges in relationships, at work, at decision making, protecting yourself, then we can look at how you can reclaim your personal power back.

Addictions counselling

Be it addictions to substances or to worrying and overachieving, I am curious to explore it with you. We work on raising awareness, making conscious choices, integrating disowned parts and you becoming more of what you are and less of who you are not.

Domestic violence survivors and perpetrators counselling

This is a very hard and painful Experience, containing feelings of inadequacy, confusion, shame and lack of all sorts. I offer confidential help in a safe and pleasant environment to find out where your strengths are.

Students on Psychotherapy and Counselling courses counselling

Having been a student on a counselling course I can relate to your struggles of combining your usual life with demanding studies. This service is generously discounted too.